Sunday, August 20, 2017

Some VERY Horny Nuns; Why Straight Guys Joke About Gay Sex; Men Making Homemade POPPERS

Some VERY Horny Nuns

This is about a comedy, so it's not meant with any disrespect to nuns in the real world. I went to 12 years of Catholic school and I love the nuns. They are some of the most dedicated, honest, selfless people I have ever known.

The film The Little Hours knows, however, that the idea of horny nuns has a lot more potential for hilarity. It may be the funniest—and most overlooked—comedy of 2017. 

There's more here. 

Why Straight Guys Joke About Gay Sex

Here's another one of those Reddit discussion threads where straight guys talk about why they joke about gay sex.

“My ex-boyfriend (who is a straight guy, I am a bi girl) would often jokingly flirt with some of his straight guy friends to get laughs like ‘yo, I’m obviously straight, and I’m still getting all the guys.’”

You can read the rest here. The replies to the original question vary. But then gay guys joke about straight sex, too. All the time.

Men Making Homemade POPPERS

I don't think I know a gay man alive who hasn't at least tried poppers. It's always been a huge part of gay culture, especially in some of the clubs I've been to. But it's not as easy to make them at home...or it sounds. In fact, according to this, it can be dangerous.

It’s scarily easy to find instructions online explaining how to produce your own poppers. While some connoisseurs home brew to satisfy their own insatiable cravings, others do so to sell online and at gay events. 

More here. And you'll want to read all the comments, too.

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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Journalist Who Exposed Russian Gay Torture Dies; Michelle Obama Guest Stars On Will and Grace; Trans Business Woman Doesn't Feel Safe Visiting the US

Journalist Who Exposed Russian Gay Torture Dies

This is sad...

Former BBC journalist, Liz MacKean, who broke the news of the shocking torture of gay men in Russia, has died.

She died at the age of 52 after a sudden stroke, reports the BBC.

MacKean worked on Channel 4’s Dispatches program, where she produced the groundbreaking documentary, Hunted.

Here's more.

Michelle Obama Guest Stars In Will and Grace

Well, you have to give the Will and Grace people credit for THIS one. Pay attention. This is how you get people to watch an old time TV show, on failing network TV, that always promoted every gay stereotype that ever existed. And, a TV show that has a straight actor playing gayface, in spite of the fact that they turned down a gay actor once...John Barrowman...because they thought he was too straight. I'm not joking; check the link.

According to an In Touch Weekly exclusive, the former First Lady is set to make a guest appearance on Will & Grace when it returns this fall to NBC.

An insider shared the news with the magazine, stating: ‘The details are still being worked out, but supposedly Michelle is up for anything, as long as it doesn’t cross the line too much.’

There's more here. Nothing about this sounds definite yet.

Trans Business Woman Doesn't Feel Safe Visiting the US

You can't blame her for feeling unsafe. This entire "unsafe feeling" in general started when Mr. Trump decided to tweet that he wants a transgender ban in the military. That's not fake news. That's a fact. That's what Mr. Trump tweeted. I'm not letting it go. He wants to ban trans people from the military and from serving their country.

On the face of it, President Trump proposing a ban on trans people serving in the US military has little to do with me – I’m not a US citizen and I’m not in the military.

But it’s not just one ban. Trump has rowed backwards the advances made under President Obama. He has made it clear LGBTI issues are not treated like other human rights issues. He has rescinded the protections for trans students in schools and dropped lawsuits which would protect LGBTI equality.

Here's more. 

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Friday, August 18, 2017

Fired Google Employee Compares Being Conservative Today To Being Gay In the 50s; Anti-Gay Slurs On Jimmy John's Wrapper; Trump On Three Magazine Covers

Fired Google Employee Compares Being Conservative Today To Being Gay In the 50s

This guy who worked for Google penned a sexist letter and now he's complaining about diversity and comparing being gay in the 1950s to being conservative today. Like he could even begin to imagine what being gay in the 1950s was like. Even I can't do THAT. This is truly clueless at its best.

“I was simply trying to fix the culture in many ways. And really help a lot of people who are currently marginalized at Google by pointing out these huge biases that we have in this monolithic culture where anyone with a dissenting view can’t even express themselves. Really, it’s like being gay in the 1950s. These conservatives have to stay in the closet and have to mask who they really are. And that’s a huge problem because there’s open discrimination against anyone who comes out of closet as a conservative.”

Last I heard no one was arresting people or putting them in mental institutions for being conservative like they did with gays in the 1950s.

Here's the rest. The comments are worth reading.

Anti-Gay Slurs On Jimmy John's Wrapper

Speaking of being gay in the 1950s, this is interesting because even though we've come so far there's still a lot of discrimination out there...and it comes in many forms, often when you least expect it.

A young man in Asheville, North Carolina, was shocked to discover an antigay slur written on his sandwich wrapper at a local Jimmy John’s restaurant when he arrived to pick up his order. Now Roy Philbrick, a regular customer of the establishment, is fighting back and he has the help of a determined group of youths helping him.

There's more at this link. 

Trump On Three Magazine Covers

This one I'm linking to talks about three respected publications that put Mr. Trump on their covers, and Mr. Trump's not going to love any of them. They're actually clever, the art is well executed, and they speak volumes. I always look at these things from a cultural/historical a sign of the times. Someday history is going to reflect on everything that's happening right now. The same way history now reflects on they way conservatives once thought of Elvis Presley and rock and roll.

This week, the work splashed across the covers of three highly respected publications err on the side of big, blustery statements that provide the pictorial equivalent of a rotten banana pie hurled into Trump’s blabbering skull-flaps. 

You can read more here, and there are over 64 comments as of right now, and not all agree. Get your popcorn ready.

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

A Young Widow's Promise and the Confederate Soldiers She Buried In New Jersey; Perez Hilton's Emotional Exhibitionism; Steve Grand's Year Of Addiction

A Young Widow's Promise and the Confederate Soldiers She Buried In New Jersey

In a remote part of Salem County, in deep southern New Jersey, there's a place called Fort Mott. And next to Fort Mott there's a place called Finn's Point National Cemetery that has a confederate monument. Ironically, the biggest claim to fame is that Andrew Cunanan, the guy who murdered Versace, also murdered the caretaker at Fort Mott in the 90s while he was on the run. I'm familiar with these places because I grew up in Salem County, NJ and I used to jog there every morning. I still have family in Salem County.

With that said, I had no idea when I wrote A Young Widow's Promise there would be so much turmoil over confederate statues and monuments. For was just history and we never paid much attention to it. And my main character, Felicia Roundtree, only did what she thought was best at the time when she turned her front yard into a burial ground for confederate soldiers.

Felecia Roundtree is thirty-seven years old, she's already lost her husband in battle, and prays each morning her two young sons live to see another day. With her own two hands, she's turned the front of her property at remote Locust Point, NJ, into a burial ground for unknown Confederate prisoners of war, hoping someone will return a kind gesture to her own loved ones. Then one morning in August, just after she has a vision of her dead husband, three Confederate prisoners of war turn up at her doorstep begging for mercy. One is near death; the other two aren’t much better. Though she's reluctant at first to help the enemy, she offers them food and shelter, and then eventually begins the romance of her lifetime with a young old Confederate named Calvin. When she learns a deep dark secret about the other two Confederates, she’s not sure what to think. Felecia has no idea she's even falling in love. Nor does she realize she’s preserving an important part of American History. But she’s true to her promise every step of the way.

You can check that out here. 

And here's a link and some info on Finn's Point Cemetery. I think it's an interesting piece of history that we don't hear about very often, especially in New Jersey. And timely because of all the controversy over confederate monuments.

Originally purchased by the federal government to build a battery to protect the port of Philadelphia, the land became a cemetery by 1863 for Confederate prisoners of war who died while in captivity at Fort Delaware. One hundred and thirty five Union soldiers who died while serving as guards at the prison camp are also buried here. The death toll among prisoners of war and the guards was high, especially in the latter part of 1863 and throughout 1864. By July 1863, there were 12,595 prisoners on the island at nearby Fort Delaware which was only about 75 acres (30 ha) in size. Disease was rampant and nearly 2,700 prisoners died from malnutrition or neglect. Confederate prisoners interred at the cemetery totaled 2,436 and all are in a common grave as can still be seen as a huge pit in the north western corner of the site near the monument.

Perez Hilton's Emotional Exhibitionism

I'm still trying to figure this out one, so I honestly can't comment. I swear they write these articles in some kind of secret code lately.

The story so far: Perez Hilton wants fans to know he’s thankful for the support they lavished upon him in the minutes and hours following a video he posted to Instagram in which he forthrightly succumbs to a bout of weepies and bereft boo-hoos.

The blogger and reality TV casualty revealed in the tear-stained, self-directed clip that he was absolutely gutted after being unceremoniously fired from a “career changing” role.

There's more here. And there are comments.

Steve Grand's Year of Addiction

Here's a story about Steve Grand's struggle with alcohol addiction. I hope he's getting the help he needs.

Steve’s drinking became a problem after a seven-year relationship came to an end that started when he was only 18 years old. The extreme ups and downs were made even more intense by the fact that during that time, the spotlight found Steve after his “All-American Boy” music video hit the internet in 2013. 

There's more here.  You can follow him on Twitter where he keeps in touch with his fans regularly. Not too many have the kind of interaction with fans, which is nice to see.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Clay Aiken Apologizes For Supporting Trump; Gay-Hating Neo-Nazi Sobs; Major Character NOT Returning To Will and Grace

Clay Aiken Apologizes For Supporting Trump

This is something I've been seeing all over the interwebz lately. Gay Republicans who once supported Trump are backing off and even, in some cases, offering apologies. It only stands to reason. Based on Trump's tweets alone about a transgender ban in the military, that should be enough to turn any gay person who understands discrimination off Trump.

Now, Clay Aiken has issued an apology for ever defending Trump in the past, calling #45 “actually racist” and calling himself “a f-ing dumbass” for supporting him, along with the hashtag #ImSorry.

I think we'll be seeing even more of this, and not just from gays. From swing voters who didn't like Hillary Clinton. Most Republicans have been distancing themselves from Trump. And Trump will be a one term President. Just one term: you're fired.

Here's the rest.  I heard this last night and I thought it was interesting. Jimmy Kimmel compared voting for Trump to wallpaper. You picked out a questionable wallpaper for your hallway, you paid a high price for it, but it turned out that you just couldn't live with it. So the solution was simple. You sucked it up, you picked out new wallpaper, and you threw the old wallpaper away. You can do that with Trump, too.

Gay-Hating Neo-Nazi Sobs

Here's some karma for a violent, dirtbag, white supremacist homophobe.

A few days after the rally, Cantwell learned there was a warrant out for his arrest after he was caught on video saying he had a pistol and was “ready for violence.”

He just posted a cellphone video on YouTube literally sobbing about being in trouble with the law.

“I have been told there’s a warrant out for my arrest,” he sniffles. “With everything that’s happening, I don’t think it’s very wise for me to go anywhere. There’s a state of emergency. The National Guard is here!” 

The rest is here. There's a lot more; read the whole thing.

Major Character NOT Returning To Will and Grace

This is pretty much a no-brainer. But since they've been hyping this whole old time TV Will and Grace thing, it's post-worthy.

However, Shelley Morrison, who played Karen’s maid Rosario, has retired from acting since the show’s been off the air.

Showrunners announced this week that she will not be returning when the gang gets back together. 

I'm curious so see how this all turns out with the "gang"..,from a more practical POV. I have never seen one of these shows return to any great success, and it has been done before. Not to mention the fact that so many TV watching habits have changed in the last 20 years and so many are not watching network TV. I couldn't wait to see the One Day At A Time remake, and that was on Netflix and it should have worked. But it sucked and I didn't even finish the first episode. This Will and Grace resurrection should be interesting because it really is THAT hard to repeat yourself.

You can read the rest here, 

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Don't Dare Compare Confederate Flags to Rainbow Flags; ISIS Throwing Gay Man Off A Roof; Anti-LGBT In Indonesia

Don't Dare Compare Confederate Flags to Rainbow Flags

This makes me as livid as when they compare gay marriage to abortion. They do that all the time and the two are not related at all. Some idiot on Fox news tried to compare the Confederate Flag to the Rainbow Flag in a lame attempt to prove a point, but she failed. The Confederate Flag is not a symbol of the fight for equality that took years to achieve. The Confederate Flag means something completely different and it's idiotic to compare it to the Rainbow Flag.

‘But you know what’s really interesting and really incredible irony here is the same people that are demanding that the Confederate flag comes down are the same people that are insisting that the rainbow flag goes up,’ she said. ‘These two flags represent the exact same thing. That certain people groups are not welcome here. So if Nancy Pelosi wants to say that we’re going to start shutting down First Amendment rights of a certain group of people, then what happens the next time that the homosexuals want to walk through an American city and protest and counter protesters come out?’

Once again, so it's clear. I really don't care if you wave the Confederate Flag high above your head, or you shove it all the way up your ass. That's your right to free speech and your business. But do NOT compare the Confederate Flag to the Rainbow Flag.

Here's the rest. 

ISIS Throwing Gay Men Off A Roof

Last I heard, no one was throwing people who wave the Confederate Flag off a roof. But it's still happening to gays in some parts of the world. 

ISIS have unleashed horrifying images to show what it is like to be a gay man living in Syria under their regime.

The propaganda wing published the images to showcase a gay person being thrown off a roof, a thief getting his hand cut off, and a ‘non-believer’ being shot in the back.

You can check the rest out here. It comes with an adult content warning, though.

Anti-LGBT In Indonesia

Here's more about how gays are being treated in other parts of the world, which is the same way we were treated at one time in this country. With shame and hate and discrimination. 

Youth in Indonesia are faring the worst out of the rise of anti-LGBTI rhetoric in the country.
Despite the fact that homosexuality it is not illegal in Indonesia, there has been a rising sentiment against the LGBTI community over the past two years.

But it’s the youth baring the brunt of the campaign against LGBTI people according to a study in the Asia-Pacific Social Science Review.

There's more here.

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Protesters Attack Confederate Statue; The British Brokeback Mountain: "God's Own Country" ; A Separate "Gay" Toilet In Italy

Protesters Attack Confederate Statue

This goes a lot deeper than statues. I hate censorship of any kind, but what these statues represent, evidently, stirs up so many emotions on both sides of the spectrum it's hard to draw an amicable conclusion.

The statue represented a Confederate soldier who fought in the Civil War and had “The Confederate States of America” inscribed on its front.

WNCN spoke to at least one protester who said the action was taken in response to the violent white supremacist rally that took place a few days ago in Charlottesville, Va.

“It needs to be removed,” organizer Loan Tran told the station. “These Confederate statues in Durham, in North Carolina, all across the country.” 

Here's the rest. It's definitely a sign of the times. As much as I dislike these statues and what they represent, removing them is a brand of censorship. In the same respect, I wouldn't want to look at them every day either. The comments with this one should be read.

The British Brokeback Mountain: God's Own Country

I've never been a fan of Brokeback Mountain...the book or the movie...not even from the beginning. So this movie isn't looking all that appealing to me right now, but I don't know much about it and I'm not going to comment until I find out more. As it stands now, this is what's being said...

The story revolves around a lonely young sheep farmer (Josh O’Connor) who idles away the days binging on booze and having casual flings… until a Romanian migrant worker played by Alec Secareanu enters his life, making everything sexy, confusing, and really quite dramatic. 

You can read the rest here. There are 4 comments, so far.

I think the director, Francis Lee, is gay, which makes the movie sound more appealing to me. You can read more about all this here. 

“When I wrote this script, I wasn’t seeing stories on screen that reflected where I came from; that’s not just as a gay man, but also as someone from a working-class background,” says Lee. “When you see working-class stories, it’s usually urban — estates, drugs, teen pregnancies. I didn’t think I’d seen a proper ­working-class depiction of a rural area.”

Frankly, I hope this is good. I'd really love to see a gay movie that hasn't been white-washed.

A Separate "Gay" Toilet In Italy 

In Southern Italy, this has been creating its fair share of drama.

Somewhere, in a bathroom deep in Southern Italy, a bathroom sign has succeeded in causing a considerable ruckus among the LGBTQ community — particularly since it has three separate icons: a woman, a man, and a “gay.”

Here's the rest. One person commented and he thinks this was meant to be funny. I'm not so sure about that.

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