Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Twitter and Dick Pic Reports; Gay For Pay Porn Star Gets Life In Prison; Benham Brothers Supporting the Anti-Gay Wedding Cake Baker

Twitter and Dick Pic Reports

If you've ever had to report someone on Twitter for anything, good luck with that. I have found that the response from Twitter in general is questionable at best. Evidently, so did this woman.

A New Yorker contributor, Maura Quint, experienced some pervy guy who created 3 different Twitter accounts, and he sent her a dick pic from each account. When she reported it, she received some interesting responses from Twitter that you wouldn't expect her to hear.

You can read this in full, here. It's detailed, and I believe it to be true. I don't even bother reporting these Twitter creeps anymore. I just keep blocking them. They eventually go away.

Gay For Pay Porn Star Gets Life In Prison

I may or may not have posted about this earlier. There have been so many stories like this in the past year about porn actors I honestly don't remember.

A former gay-for-pay adult film star who worked for sites like Sean Cody, Cocksure, and Mormon Boyz has been sentenced to life in prison for murdering his rich older lover in the hopes of inheriting his fortune.

Just to clarify for those of you who might not know, this guy is NOT gay. Gay for pay means he was a straight guy pretending to be gay for money, and he has a pregnant fiance. She got 21 months with a plea bargain. 

Here's the rest. 

Benham Brothers Supporting the Anti-Gay Wedding Cake Baker

Here's another brilliantly thought out commentary by the ambitious Benham Brothers. They recently pubbed an op-ed piece somewhere unheard of, and now they're getting attention for it.

This time the Benham boys decided to weigh in on the good Christian baker who refused to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple based on his self-righteous religious beliefs that gay people are evil devil people. It's timely and well-played because we're waiting to hear SCOTUS rule on this case.

Here's an excerpt from their op-ed piece...

But this common-sense logic matters not in the sexual revolution. If you’re on the other side of the ever-elusive sexual whims of the LGBTQ+ agenda, you’re a hater, not a hero.

You can check this out here. I have no idea at all about how SCOTUS will rule on this one. However, I'm not going to start discriminating against Christians or straight people if they don't rule the way I want them to rule. And I think that's the difference between most gay people and these good self-righteous Christians.

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Monday, December 11, 2017

Pregnant Mom Fires Gay Photographer; John Travolta's New Movie Dropped By Studio; Gay College Swimmer David Thibodeau Finds His Courage

Pregnant Mom Fires Gay Photographer

Here's the tale of a good conservative pregnant woman who was about to hire a photographer. And then something interesting happened.

The pregnant woman creeped out the photographer's Instagram the night before the shoot, and she noticed a rainbow flag. So she texted the photographer and asked if she was gay...and also asked if anyone in the photographer's family was gay.

In short, the photographer replied that she's gay and the pregnant woman canceled the shoot because she believes "it's just not right" to be gay.

You can read more about this despicable pregnant woman here.

John Travolta's New Movie Dropped By Studio

A film titled, Gotti, about the life of mobster John Gotti, starring John Travolta, was supposed to be released soon. However, it's been dropped.

So far no one has made a statement about why the film was dropped.

Interesting. They mention another film that was recently dropped, too.

You can check that out here. 

Gay College Swimmer David Thibodeau Finds His Courage

This story is about a college swimmer, David Thibodeau, who struggled with coming out for a long time.

He started swimming for recreation, but continued to get better at it, and swimming wound up being cathartic for him.

He penned an essay about his experience in Out Sports, in detail.

I could compete in front of thousands of people at swim meets but that didn’t make me feel brave. I still couldn’t confront myself about being gay.

You can read the full essay here. It's a good example of how all gay people struggle with coming out. I never get tired of reading these stories.

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Sunday, December 10, 2017

That Photo Of Straight Politician Afraid of "Gay" Touch; Trans Woman Running For Congress In Massachusetts; Top Swiss Referee Comes Out As Gay

That Photo of Straight Politician Afraid of "Gay" Touch

I wasn't sure how to title this. It's even hard to explain. Last week I saw a photo on social media of a politician who seemed terrified when he received a touch on the sleeve from another man. It was nothing more than a simple touch.

And now this recently surfaced.

Rep. Daryl Metcalfe interrupted a committee this week to admonish his fellow lawmaker, Rep. Matt Bradford, for briefly placing his hand on Metcalfe’s sleeve in order to get his attention.
He suggested Metcalfe, who is married to a woman and has four children, might be gay, and told him, “keep your hands to yourself.”
You can read it all in full here. They go into a lot more detail and there's a very interesting twist. The bottom line is that there's some homophobia going on here. 
Trans Woman Running For Congress In Massachusetts
I'm glad to see this happening. 
Alexandra Chandler is a trans woman and a former intelligence analyst at the Pentagon. Now, she’s running for Congress with the hopes of representing Massachusetts’ third district in the House of Representatives.
Chandler is running on a platform of bettering jobs and pay, improving healthcare and making it more affordable, voting rights and civil liberties, and advancing programs to combat climate change.
Top Swiss Referee Comes Out As Gay
This is happening more and more as each day passes. And no one is shocked, and the world doesn't come to an end. 
Pascal Erlachner has come out as gay.
He is believed to be the first man in Swiss professional football to come out.
The referee hopes that his coming out will start public discussion around the taboo of being gay in football.
You can read this one, here.  There's a photo. 

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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Genetic Differences Between Gay and Straight; "Falling For Angels" and Gay Racism; Sarah Paulson On Dating A Much Older Woman; Woman Engaged To Her Chandelier

Genetic Differences Between Gay and Straight

Here's more scientific proof that sexual preferences are not something we can choose.

Gay and straight men have different variations of at least two genes that somewhat correlate with their sexual orientation, a new study appears to show, lending credence to the theory that sexual preferences are inherited, not chosen.

You can read more, here

Falling For Angels and Gay Racism

Falling For Angels is a new TV show on Here TV that explores gay love in Los Angeles and Asian gay men.

There is much to be said about racist anti-Asian sentiment among gay men — who among us has not seen a Grindr profile bluntly stating, “No fems, no fats, no Asians”? Even though Gino and Kevin live out their racial heritage differently, this is reality every time an app is opened.

Here's the rest. There's also a link to another article that goes into more detail about the show. Normally I would watch this, but I probably won't get to see this one for a while. I don't like paying extra for Here TV. 

Sarah Paulson On Dating A Much Older Woman

I think it's wonderful and refreshing to see this in the media. We don't see things like this often enough about gay people. 

“My life choices are, um, unconventional. I’m with a much older person [Sarah is 42, Holland is 74] and people find that totally fascinating and odd, and, to me, it’s the least interesting thing about me.”

You can read that one, here. Paulson goes into a lot more detail. If you think this age difference is surprising, you probably don't know much about gay couples, men or women. 

Woman Engaged To Her Chandelier

There's a fetish called Object Sexuality, or Objectophilia, where a person can actually be sexually attracted to an object, and can also fall in love with an object. The object could be anything, from a vacuum cleaner to a pick up truck. In this case it's a chandelier. It's not the first time I've heard about it. I once had a publisher ask me to write a short story for an object sexuality anthology, and I have that story lurking around somewhere in my files. 

In any event, 

33-year-old Amanda Liberty claims she fell head over heels in love with the chandelier after seeing it listed on eBay last year. She subsequently purchased it for  £400 ($540).
She calls the chandelier Lumiere and claims it’s a female who is often privy to her cuddles and kisses.
You can read more about it, here. 

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Friday, December 8, 2017

#MeToo; Rose McGowan Calls Out Alyssa Milano; Kevin Spacey Allegedly Groped A Royal; Peter Thiel's "Yass" A Queer Co-Working Space In San Francisco

#MeToo; Rose McGowan Calls Out Alyssa Milano

Rose McGowan has always been outspoken, but these days she doesn't seem to have any filters. And she's not holding back anymore.

 Rose McGowan has been calling bullshit on Hollywood hypocrisy long before #MeToo was trending. And now that the world is listening, McGowan has no intention of letting up—even if that means taking other entertainment industry “Silence Breakers” to task. On Friday, McGowan unleashed righteous Twitter anger on Alyssa Milano, sharing a People article on the actress’s friendship with Harvey Weinstein’s ex, Georgina Chapman. 

You can check that out, here.   

Kevin Spacey Allegedly Groped A Royal

This is only an accusation, but it is interesting that someone with this high profile would speak up. You don't see that happen very often. In other words, this royal who is speaking up is in a place of power, which if this accusation is true shows that it can happen to anyone. 

A former member of the Norwegian royal family has come forward to accuse Kevin Spacey of sexually assaulting him 10 years ago.
Ari Behn, who divorced Princess Märtha Louise of Norway last year, claims the disgraced actor grabbed his testicles during a Nobel Peace Prize party back in 2007.
Peter Thiel's "Yass" A Queer Co-Working Space In San Francisco 
If you take into consideration all of the gay establishments that have closed up for good in the last few years all over the world, this is interesting to see. 
A venture capital firm co-founded by Thiel, a gay conservative who donated$1.25m to Donald Trump and joined the president’s transition team, is the sole investor behind Yass, described as a “headquarters and hangout for a new generation of queer people”.
Here's the rest. Of course "activists" are not happy about anything Thiel does. But it's a well written article that goes into detail about things like gentrification and how gay culture may or may not be evolving. It's worth the click.
My only comment is that if gay people are assimilating everywhere, and there's no valid reason to remain isolated anymore, why would we need something like YASS? 

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

#MeToo; JK Rowling Shocks Fans and Supports Johnny Depp; The "I, Tonya" Story; Australian Christian Couple Won't Get Divorced After All; Footballer Strips For the Crowd

JK Rowling Shocks Fans and Supports Johnny Depp

Her Royal Highness of Publishing, JK Rowling, stunned women (and men) all over the world today when this was made public.

J.K. Rowling is standing by the decision to keep Johnny Depp on board for the next “Fantastic Beasts” film.
The author has been criticized for allowing Depp to continue in the role as dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald despite his history of alleged abuse, especially as many powerful men in Hollywood and the media have lost their jobs over reports of sexual misconduct.
In case you haven't followed the Johnny Depp story, here's an interesting link, with detailed photos.

I don't think this one is going away any time soon, and I have a feeling we'll be hearing more about it. The bright women I've seen on Twitter are not happy.

This story aside, speaking strictly in general terms unrelated to this story, people are tired of all the Hollywood and Washington D.C. hypocrisy. And they are speaking up, especially women. #MeToo.

 The "I, Tonya" Story

When I first saw this I thought it was a joke, but clearly it's not. The story dates back to 1994 with the saga of ice skaters, Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding.

The scandal rocked the world, but how much do you really know about the bizarre story besides these few facts?

A new film called I, Tonya sets out to fill in the gaps, and it’s a truly insane tale.

I actually might watch this one. I'm curious.

You can read more, here.

Australian Christian Couple Won't Get Divorced After All

An Australian couple who vowed they would get divorced if gay marriage became legal is now backpedaling, because that's what usually happens in these cases. 

Nick and Sarah Jensen said that if gay couples could wed, it would be a redefinition so heinous that it would cause marriage to “have an altogether different sense and purpose.”

You can read more of this, here. And now they can go down in history as the people who did this. 

Footballer Strips For the Crowd

It's Friday, it's the holiday season, and there has to be some fun.

During Monday evening’s trophy parade, Melgalvis took the partying to a whole new level by stripping onstage and inserting his penis into a trophy, as one does.

Of course there was backlash. 

Here's the rest. Enjoy. It's SFW. 

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Formerly Closeted Mark Foster Speaks Candidly; Steve Grand In A Jock Strap; Bea Arthur Homeless LGBTI Youth Center

Formerly Closeted Mark Foster Speaks Candidly

TV personality, Mark Foster, was in the closet for many years, and now he's speaking up about what it was like to live that way. I find reading these stories almost cathartic at times.

“I think they were trying to say that I’m gay and I was cruising… They said lots of things, but they didn’t say anything, as in, he was getting out of the car for two minutes, he went in, then came out, or he didn’t even get out of the car.
They did say that there’s gay sex here, there’s dogging here, I think there was lots of things.”
You can read the rest here. 

Steve Grand In A Jock Strap

This is news, too. Don't judge.

If it were, we’d be able to watch Steve Grand strut around in a jock in perpetuity, ignoring those letters from the IRS and the increasingly frantic knocking from our roommates, losing our minds as we try astral projecting into that jockstrap, to understand how it feels to be that close to all things Steve and all things Grand.

Here's the link, with photos. The comments are awkward at times.

Bea Arthur Homeless LGBTI Youth Center

This is important. Most people don't realize just how many homeless LGBTI young people there really are out there.

The Bea Arthur Residence giving young LGBTI people shelter and hope has launched in New York’s Lower East Side.
The center is now ready to house LGBTI young people in time for Christmas. The last final hurdle is the pending city approval.

You can read the rest here. 

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