Thursday, April 19, 2018

Gay Teachers Coming Out: Risky Business; More Gay Characters On TV; Gay China Gets Louder and Revolts

Gay Teachers Coming Out: Risky Business

You wouldn't think it, but it's still not perfectly safe for teachers to come out as gay. Here's an interesting article from the Chicago Tribune that goes into more detail.

Bigham was a special-education teacher for the Multnomah Education Service District in Portland and had recently been named the state’s teacher of the year when he mentioned his then-partner, now-husband, in a speech before the state school board.
What followed, Bigham said, was a cascading series of demands by his supervisors that he not go public with his sexual orientation.
You can check that out, here. They get into other examples, too. The bottom line, though, is you can't just come out as gay everywhere without paying a price for it.
More Gay Characters On TV
This isn't a bad article, but I'm not sure how relevant it is with regard to TV as a medium. Unless they're including all streaming TV, and they're not just focused on just network TV. I just wonder about who still watches network TV. We don't watch network TV anymore, and most people I know don't. We stream, or record cable shows. In the same respect, it's a good article and it makes some excellent suggestions. 
Chances are, you won’t have heard of As If, the TV show that shocked me into coming out as gay. It aired more than 15 years ago on one of the U.K.’s few network TV channels on Sunday mornings, a spot primed for those nursing a hangover—or, in my case, 13-year-olds in the throes of adolescence who, like a child, hadn’t grown out of the habit of waking up early on weekends (that soon changed). There was even a very short lived American remake, which lasted all of seven episodes.
Here's the rest.  I've posted about some great streaming TV shows with LGBTQIA characters, from Here and Now, to Sense 8
Gay China Gets Louder and Revolts
I never knew much about LGBTQIA people in China, but it seems that most have depended on social media for content and support. Recently, this was threatened and there was a huge revolt. 
On Friday, Sina Weibo, a social-media platform, announced that it was banningcartoons, games and videos containing gay themes, in an effort to comply with cybersecurity laws. Users reacted furiously. By Monday, the anger had grown so intense that the service reversed course and said the "clean-up no longer targets gay content." For the government, which has long sought to restrict gay themes in media, it was a nearly unprecedented rebuke.
Here's more. When are "they" going to realize they can't control something like this. If they're going to try to screw around with us, they're going to be in for huge backlash. 

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Why I Loved"Love, Simon"; Nico Tortorella Describes His Penis; High School Football Player and His Boyfriend Show Prom Pics; 22 Yr Old Gay Adult Performer Hospitalized

Why I Loved Love, Simon

I finally had a chance to see the movie, Love, Simon, and I just wanted to comment quickly. No spoilers. 

Someone got this one right. It was the quickest couple of hours I've spent watching anything in a long time.

There was nothing political about it. There were no stereotypes. There were no activists marching and no one was refusing to bake a wedding cake. There were no elitists telling us how we should feel, or telling us what we should do. And most of all, I saw no signs of exploitation or dysfunctional predatory behavior.

What I saw was all about what it's like to be a 17 year old gay kid in high school and how difficult it still is to come out as gay to the world. I saw how terrified this 17 year old kid was, how he needed to come to terms about coming out on his own, and how everyone in his life reacted to it. 

It was as refreshing as it was hopeful.  And for the first time that I can recall, I could identify with almost everything this character was thinking and feeling. I believe it's an excellent movie for all kids to see, and I hope we see more films like this in the future.

Well done.

Nico Tortorella Describes His Penis

I've posted about Tortorella before, but I can't remember the TV show he's on. It's not the kind of thing I would ever watch on TV. But he did something interesting recently. He pubbed a collection of poetry that actually looks fantastic...and this is something I will check out.

One of the poems is titled, Penis.

Here's the link. I don't like to post someone else's content here without permission, but you can read it in full at that link.

I like it. I like Tortorella. It mentions circumcision, and how he wonders what it would be like to be uncut.

High School Football Player and His Boyfriend Show Prom Pics

I love to see things like this. The gay kids today are coming out sooner and they're getting the puberty most of us never were allowed to have, but it's not always easy. And 17 years old is still a kid.

It may be a bit late for prom season, but breaking stereotypes and celebrating love is as timeless as a well-tailored suit.
And all of that is on display (including not one but two well-tailored suits) in a set of high school prom photos shared by Jake Bain.
Here's more. You can read about the difficulties faced, but also see the adorable photos. And yes, they are adorable. Frankly, I didn't think I'd ever see anything like this in my lifetime. Bravo to them.

22 Yr Old Gay Adult Performer Hospitalized

Here's a story about a gay guy who broke up with his boyfriend and apparently tweeted about the details.

A gay adult film performer gave live updates of his difficult breakup, and while anyone who’s ended a serious relationship can attest to the all-consuming agony that accompanies sudden separation, it’s almost certainly a better idea to call a family member or close friend than to post on Twitter and Instagram for public consumption.

You can read it all, here. I feel bad for the kid and I hope he's better soon.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Poland's First Openly Gay Mayor Running For President; Male Stripper On Water Skis; Gay's the Word Bookshop Window Smashed

Poland's First Openly Gay Mayor Running For President

Here's something interesting on the global front. Poland's first openly gay mayor is thinking about running for President.

Even though the election is a few years away, recent polls show one in every four Poles is willing to vote for BiedroĊ„. This is a remarkable achievement in a country where between 50 and 70% of people do not approve of same-sex relationships.

Here's the rest. 

Male Stripper On Water Skis

This story went viral and it's not hard to see why. 

And if “the edge” can be defined as performing a striptease while skidding across a body of water barefoot at breakneck speed, then by golly, this man is the living embodiment of it.

You can check this out, here. There's a video. This guy is good! 

Gay's the Word Bookshop Window Smashed

As if there aren't already enough issues brick and mortar bookshops are facing, this has to happen.
But although literal decades have passed since the 80s, the bookshop still experiences an onslaught of bigoted attacks from vandals who seem determined to damage it.
And the latest attack has seen one of the bookshop’s window’s smashed over the weekend – leaving the shop with a £500 bill to fix the glass.
Here's more. This bookshop has been around since 1979. 

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Monday, April 16, 2018

Black Panther Actor and Gay Porn Background; Gay Orgies and the Hook Up Scene; Gay Brexit Whistleblower Wants To Sue For Being Outed

Black Panther Actor and Gay Porn Background

I still haven't seen Black Panther, but I will. And this piece of news about one of the actors being in gay porn only makes it sound more interesting. Unfortunately, this actor went out of his way to slam and shame the porn industry.

In a statement put out by his publicist, Larissa Long of BlueRed Communications, Mutukwa took about as sex-negative a stance on his past as possible, calling it “unsavory,” an “errored decision,” and “immature behavior.”

You can read the rest here. The comments are very interesting.

Gay Orgies and the Hook Up Scene

I don't know why these things surprise people so much. Group sex has always been part of gay culture. It's nothing new, and this one sounds pretty good.

It follows the lives of five young men from Taipei who meet for a group-sex party after contacting each other through a dating app. But the film is about more than just explicit gay sex, it delves into the psychological and emotional consequences of contemporary hookup culture.

You can read this one, here.

Gay Brexit Whistleblower Wants To Sue For Being Outed

Here's the story about Shahmir Sanni who believes that being outed is a form of abuse.

 The Brexit whistleblower, Shahmir Sanni, is planning to sue the UK government for outing him.
Speaking to GSN about the gravity of being outed today; he’s taking this action to make it clear the UK government has no right to out anyone.
I have always taken a firm stand that no one should be forced out of the closet and that they should never be pushed into anything they are not ready for. 
Here's the rest. It's a very in-depth story you don't want to miss.

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Sunday, April 15, 2018

I Stand With Trans Activists Who Are Boycotting Matt Bomer's Film, Anything; LGBT Conversion Therapy Being Phased Out In US; Reality TV Star On Conversion Therapy

I Stand With Trans Activists Who Are Boycotting Matt Bomer's Film, Anything

In this particular case, I have to support all trans people who are boycotting this new Matt Bomer movie titled, Anything. Even though I'm not a trans person, I don't like what's happening here either. But more than that, I'm sick and tired of seeing these things happen all the time.

However, many trans people and allies are urging a boycott of the film, as it’s yet again featuring a cis male actor as a trans woman. This was the case in films such as Dallas Buyers Club (starring Jared Leto) and The Danish Girl (starring Eddie Redmayne), among others.

I know many of you are thinking, big deal. Bomer is an actor. He's only acting. But it's much more than that. This is also about respect. As this article states, you don't see any white actors putting on blackface anymore. So why should there be a double standard for trans people. 

Here' a lot more. You can read about how trans people truly feel about this. It also happens to gay men and women all the time in movies and even in book publishing. I'm sick of that, too. 

I stand with trans people on this one, plain and simple. 

LGBT Conversion Therapy Being Phased Out In US

It's almost hard to believe that any form of LGBT conversion therapy is still happening in some places, but it's slowly being worked out of the US.

The Hawaii State Senate passed a bill on Tuesday, 10 April banning any attempt to alter the sexual orientation or gender identity of LGBTI youth. On Thursday, 12 April, Maine narrowly managed to pass a similar bill.

Here's more. According to this, the US is ahead of countries like Canada and the UK with regard to conversion therapy.

Reality TV Star On Conversion Therapy

Here's something right from the source, a guy who experienced conversion therapy first hand.

At first glance, Jonathan Fernandez may appear like any other handsome reality star, but take a closer look into his past, and you’ll learn he is anything but. That’s because at the age of 10, the Love & Hip-Hop New York star’s mother sent him to the Dominican Republic to undergo the controversial, yet legal, conversion therapy.

You can read that here. It's a highly compelling article.

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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Preserving Historic Glory Holes; Straight White Politician Thinks He's A Gay Black Man; When A Cop Moonlights As A Hooker

Preserving Historic Glory Holes

There's a sex shop in Atlanta that's allegedly violating zoning laws and some people want to close it down. But not everyone wants to close it down. Some believe this is part of gay culture.

I do think we should save Tokyo Valentino. We should preserve this sex store because we need seedy businesses in Atlanta. There will always be a need for spaces where suburban men can come and have anonymous sex. Drugs and hustlers are part of our capitalist ecosystem, and it’s important that we give them a place to exist. Using the power of zoning and city ordinances to bully adult businesses out of town is short-sighted. The activities that happen there will move somewhere else.

Here's more. I think this goes a lot deeper than just sex. There are still closeted gay men who will go to places like this just to feel safe and meet people socially. 

Frankly, I get tired of the way they want to whitewash everything. 

Straight White Politician Thinks He's A Gay Black Man

Here's a really good example of a white guy who may or may not have good intentions, but seriously doesn't get it. 

Gary Shipman is one of three Democrats currently running for the North Carolina House. He left many people scratching their heads this week after he implied he was a member of the Black community and possibly a member of the gay community, too.
It all started while he was speaking about his time as an official within the Democratic Party during a campaign event. Shipman declared himself a champion for diversity.
You can check that out, here. There are comments. I think his heart is in the right place, even if his head is up his butt. 
When A Cop Moonlights As A Hooker
A cop in the UK was fired for having a secret part time job. 
Chief Constable Giles York told the hearing at force headquarters in Lewes, East Sussex, that Holder had advertised on a website called AdultWork using a “Sweet Sensations” account and was accepting payment for sexual encounters at his home while he was off duty and on sick leave.
Here's the rest.  Prostitution in the UK is legal, unlike here in the US. Allegedly, it was poor job performance that got this cop fired, not prostitution. There are comments. 

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Friday, April 13, 2018

The Huge Blue Penis In Stockholm; Alleged Cocaine Penis and Oral Sex Death; Twitter and Tiny Penis Shaming

The Huge Blue Penis In Stockholm

Here's more from the artist who painted a penis in New York not too long ago. I posted about that one, here. 

The penis, complete with bulging veins, appeared on the side of a Stockholm apartment block on Wednesday to the shock of residents.
You can read more, here. The penis in New York only lasted a few days, but this one is supposed to be up for a couple of weeks before they paint over it so people who love penis art can go there an appreciate it. 

It's actually pretty good. Very detailed. 

Alleged Cocaine Oral Sex Death

Here's something you don't read about every day.

A woman died after her German doctor lover allegedly sprinkled cocaine on his penis before she gave him oral sex.
Plastic surgeon Dr. Andreas Niederbichler, 42, was charged after the woman collapsed and died in February.
Here's the rest. According to this article, she had no idea he was giving her cocaine. 
Twitter and Tiny Penis Shaming
This is something I see all the time on Twitter.
After some guy on Twitter tweeted something that offended people, they went after him by shaming his penis.
Speculation about his penis. People said he didn’t have a penis, that his penis was tiny, that he didn’t know how to use his penis. Balls were a feature too. Small balls, shriveled balls, tiny balls.

How did we arrived at a place where the default response to a person saying something ignorant and untrue is to insult a part of their anatomy?

Here's the rest. I agree with this person. It's not something I would ever do, or have ever done. I don't like any form of looks shaming, not even when it comes to politicians. In fact, looks shaming is about as low as people can go. It's an excellent piece. 

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