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Playboy's First Ever Transgender Playmate; HRC and What's Happening to Gays In Chechnya; "BPM" A Film About Paris' ACT UP 90s Movement; Interview With Robin Campillo Writer Director

Playboy's First Ever Transgender Playmate

Here's another example of how pop culture is helping to change the world.

Playboy Magazine makes history by naming its first ever transgender Playmate.
The publication featured other transgender people during its 64-year run, but never as an official Playmate. Now, French model Ines Rau takes that title.

There's more here

HRC and What's Happening to Gays In Chechnya

I cannot stress enough how serious this is. Finally, someone's asking questions and speaking up about it.

The Human Rights campaign filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to request the release of a letter Tillerson reportedly wrote to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov about the situation in Chechnya.

Here's the rest. Read the entire piece. It's that important.

"BPM" A Film About Paris' ACT UP 90s Movement

I know nothing about this film, so I'm only linking right now. It looks great, and I'm hoping it's nothing like the white-washed Stonewall debacle that was released not too long ago here in the US.

This year France selected as their official entry BPM (Beats Per Minute), a film about a group of tireless HIV/AIDS activists in the 1990s in Paris.
BPM, written and directed by Robin Campillo, has already won the Grand Prix at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival, earning overwhelming acclaim from audiences and critics at the festival.
Interview With Robin Campillo Writer Director
I was so curious about BPM I found this interview with Robin Campillo.
What made you decide to go back to your Act Up period 20 years later?
First of all, inside of me it just had to come out. Then there was all the debate about gay marriage in France and the question of continuing the campaign for safe sex among gays. I wanted to talk to today’s young gays, but not in a paternalistic way. It simply seemed to me that my story was forgotten or misunderstood. Telling it was also a way of talking about a moment when a certain number of people, especially on the gay scene, said to themselves, “We’re not going to be passive victims of this disease anymore, we’re going to become influential participants.” This moment of realization happened at that moment among the members of Act Up. We were fed up with being “nice gays” who were victims of the epidemic, and we became “nasty queers” who decided to burst forth into the public eye.

Here's the rest. I have a feeling BPM is going to be excellent. Pay attention, Hollywood and Oscar people who think Call Me By Your Name is a gay romance, they do it better over there all the time. 
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A PG Rated Gay Romance

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#MeToo: Men Get Sexually Harassed and Abused As Well; Obama's Official Portrait Artist; Rent Boy CEO Jeffrey Hurant Is In Prison Now

#MeToo: Men Get Sexually Harassed and Abused As Well

I recently received a call for submissions from a publisher who is doing a book of essays about sexual harassment and abuse. It looked interesting, however, when I read it I saw that in their quest to do something wonderful they failed to mention that men experience the same kind of sexual harassment.

I've been sexually harassed by both men and women. Yes. Women can be sexual predators, too. They can be just as aggressive as men. But you don't hear about that because men have been trained to remain silent on this entire topic.

So I'll be passing on this call for submissions. They mention in a few very brief words that men can submit to the book, but the entire focus is on women being sexually harassed, not men. They also mention Rose McGowan, and I can't support a woman who has slammed gay men in such a shabby way in the past.

As much as I despise sexual harassment and sexual predators of all kinds, I won't be sharing this or promoting it. I think it's time that we recognized the fact that sexual harassment is NOT just something women have to deal with. There are both gay and straight men who've been sexually harassed, too.

This is a social issue that includes everyone and anyone who has ever come across a sexual predator's thick disgusting tongue.

I get into the topic of gender stereotypes in Kendle's Fire, which I wrote this year and published through Ryan Field Press. It's really about how men are supposed to act a certain way, behave a certain way, and even dress a certain way. They're supposed to do what's expected of them, which is why most men will never even think about discussing their sexual harassment. I've had good reviews, and I hope it's because the general theme resonated with at least a few people.

Even though Kendle is an openly gay ex-Marine, he's been questioning his masculinity all of his life. He's always been what people expect a man to be, in spite of the fact that he's never been completely comfortable living up to these expectations.

A PG Rated Gay Romance

Here's one reader review that was totally unsolicited:

This is GREAT story!! It's wonderful in its exploration of sexuality and masculinity. The story is well done and beautifully done. The story flows beautifully and the characters are wonderfully written. The protagonist of the story is a handsome man who is searching for meaning in his life and trying to come to terms with his preferences. He doesn't like that the world is so judgemental and unforgiving. It's a great read full of heart.

I'm actually starting to think it might be time for Ryan Field Press to put out a call for Submissions on Men who've been sexually harassed and abused. I'd personally like to know if other men have experienced the same thing I have. 

Obama's Official Portrait Artist

From the world of art and history, this is certainly newsworthy.

This week, the Obamas announced who they have selected to paint their individual portraits. Michelle Obama has chosen Baltimore artist Amy Sherald. Meanwhile, former President Barack Obama has selected Los Angeles native and openly gay artist Kehinde Wiley.

You can read more here. There's an example of his work. I'm familiar with it, and it's quite good.

Rent Boy CEO Jeffrey Hurant Is In Prison Now

A while back I posted about the Rent Boy offices in NYC being raided. Well, here's a follow up to that story.

Prosecutors accused 51-year-old Hurant of running the “largest U.S. online male-escort service.” He sentenced to six months behind bars in August. In addition to that, he was ordered to pay a $7,500 fine and told he must undergo a mental health treatment program.

You can check out the rest here. There's some back story, too. I don't even like commenting remotely on things like this. The law is the law and how I feel about that makes no difference whatsoever.

Second Chance 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Gay Hate Crimes In Madrid; Dolly Parton Supports Marriage Equality In Australia; Same Sex Marriage In Australia Could Be Legal This Year

Gay Hate Crimes In Madrid

Whenever I see something global I try to share it because I think we're all fighting the same battle everywhere.

Last Friday (13 October), a young gay man, 26, was assaulted in the Madrid subway.
He was returning home when an older man carrying a child insulted and kicked him before getting off the train. The association in defense of the group of Lesbians, Gays, Transsexuals and Bisexuals (LGTBi) Arcópoli revealed the incident.
More here. And, the LGBT hate crime rate is much higher than you would expect. 

Dolly Parton Supports Marriage Equality In Australia
I've always thought Dolly Parton was one of the brightest women in show business. You can just tell the moment she starts to speak. And I'm glad to see that she's on the right side of history, too.
Speaking on a leading breakfast news program, Parton urged Australian to vote yes in the country’s postal survey on the issue.
‘Why can’t they be as miserable as us heterosexuals in their marriages?’ she told ABC News Breakfast.
You can read this one here. For those who don't know, Australia is going to be voting on whether or not to legalize same sex marriage. I'm not fond of this kind of voting process, but at least they're working on it. I'd rather have same sex marriage decided by the courts, not the people. However, I'm also curious to see the outcome, and to see whether or not people in Australia actually do support same sex marriage.

Same Sex Marriage In Australia Could Be Legal This Year
Here's more about what's going on in Australia. It's interesting because they're doing this with some kind of postal survey vote. I've never seen anything quite like it before. 
With government insiders believing the ‘yes’ vote could be over 60%, there have been early talks on how and when to implement a bill.
Federal Brisbane MP Trevor Evans has said he is willing to keep politicians working until the vote happens.
The survey results are revealed on 15 November.
The problem is that even if the majority want same sex marriage, the vote is not legally binding and there's still more to do. According to this, if the vast majority of people vote yes, the House of Representatives will support a bill. However, isn't it interesting that the right to marry legally for every single LGBT person...the right to be considered Australia will be decided by mostly straight people. 
I just hope the majority vote yes. November 15 is not that far off.   
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Monday, October 16, 2017

Anne Frank Halloween Costume Is Disrespectful; Perez Hilton Allegedly Shames Renee Zellweger For Not Having Kids; Who's Not Watching Megyn Kelly?

Anne Frank Halloween Costume Is Disrespectful

This is so offensive and hurtful I have trouble putting it into words. And I'm a writer who has had thousands of comments and reviews on Goodreads. So I'm not that easily offended. I can't believe someone would even think of doing it. But there you are.

The answer: You don’t — not if you’re the creative team at, anyway. The website has come under considerable fire for featuring the “Anne Frank costume for girls,” along with the piping white-hot sales copy that goes a little something like this:

You can check it out here. The company has since removed this from their web site. But not after a good deal of backlash.

Perez Hilton Allegedly Shames Renee Zellweger For Not Having Kids

This one sounds as bad as it is. Evidently, Hilton doesn't like the fact that Zellweger has been supporting her boyfriend financially, and he even goes so far as to mention the fact that Zellweger doesn't have kids.

He continues, “I expect you to take care of you! That care of your business! I’m here to support you emotionally, spiritually, romantically, but I ain’t here to support you financially.
Hilton then went on to insinuate that the reason Zellweger doesn’t mind financially supporting her boyfriend is because she doesn’t have children to fulfill her. The implication, of course, is that taking care of a grown man fills the deep and ever-present void she feels from being childless.
Here's the rest. I don't need to say a word. The comments say it all.

Who's Not Watching Megyn Kelly?

I don't watch Megyn Kelly. I never did, and I have no plans to start now. But this article talks about her low ratings, and a few other things regarding her most recent TV show.

Despite landing a major interview with Harvey Weinstein accuser Lauren Sivan last Monday, Megyn Kelly has not been able to pull herself out of the disastrous ratings slump that has been plaguing her since the show premiered less than a month ago.

Here's the rest of it. They mention that Kelly was offered 23 million dollars a year to join the network, and you just have to shake your head and wonder about THAT one. I could have told them. Pay me a million dollars a year and you'll never have to worry about this again. 

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Can Your Penis Shrink? Condoms For Small Penises; Penis Enlargement Horror Stories

Can Your Penis Shrink?

There's nothing fun about getting older. I don't care what those annoying people on TV news shows say about the joys of aging. This sux.

Most men have wondered, at one point or another, whether it's possible for their penises to shrink. While this sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, unfortunately, this fear does have some truth to it. While it's not really possible for penises to gradually shrink inch by inch, it's true that due to age and lifestyle choices, your penis could potentially lose the ability to maintain a consistent level of tumescence.

You can check this out here. It's actually a good, interesting piece. And there is some encouragement at the end. Although, like most articles of its kind, they fail to mention that a hot 25 year old does wonders for an erection, too. 

Condoms For Small Penises

I don't know much about this so I'm only linking. 

The standard condom size has been set at 6.69 inches for some time now, but no longer. After studies have found that the average American man’s erect penis is about an inch shorter, at 5.57 inches, one U.S. company has lobbied the FDA to change its mandate on how long condoms should be.

Here's the rest. 

Penis Enlargement Horror Stories

This one is scary, because a lot of men worry about their penis size. And some will even go to extremes, which could be dangerous. 

Disgraced Miami plastic surgeon Mark Schreiber pleaded guilty on Monday to two counts of practicing medicine without a license, which the Miami Herald reports were just the tip of an iceberg of horrific plastic surgery botch-jobs stretching back to 1988. One of the most terrifying anecdotes revealed in Schreiber's trial was the story of a man who came to the doctor to help fix an already botched penis surgery, which Schreiber didn't exactly help. 

You can read this one here. There is a first hand account of what happened to one patient's penis. 

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Voices 4 Chechnya March In New York; Matthew Shepard's Family Today; "Michael's Thing" The Old Time NY Gay Magazine With No Heteronormative Spin

Voices 4 Chechnya March In New York

I was following this march all weekend because it's such a serious matter. What's been happening to gay people in Chechnya is unreal. Unfortunately, I couldn't find one piece about the grassroots Voices 4 Chechnya in any gay presses...yet. I saw articles about straight white Armie Hammer who is playing gay in a new movie with "homosexual" content. I saw promos for the awful Will and Grace remake. But nothing about this important march until I went out and did a search. Interesting.

In any event, it was all over Twitter this weekend...

It started at the historic Stonewall Inn and ended at Trump Tower. Hundreds of marchers gathered in Manhattan yesterday for a rally organized by grassroots group Voices 4 Chechnya. Their cause: to not only bring attention to ongoing reports of those being tormented for simply being gay in Chechnya, a country ruled over by Vladimir Putin ally Ramzan Kadyrov, but to raise money and demand humanitarian visas for the victims. “Every day queer Chechens are rounded up, abducted, tortured, and killed,” the group said in a release announcing the march.

 You can read the rest here. Now if we can get the gay presses on board, and get them to stop focusing on Hollywood things like Armie Hammer and Will and Grace, we might spread the word a little faster.

Matthew Shepard's Family

It's hard to believe it's been 19 years since Matthew Shepard was beaten, tied, and left for dead. His death not only sparked outrage, but a movement. And Matthew Shepard's family is still very much a part of this fight.

Still, despite this progress, Judy and Dennis Shepard are standing strong in the face of new threats to LGBTI individuals.

‘A collective grief and outrage has awakened among the LGBTQ+ community and its allies after endless decades of cruelty and exclusion,’ Judy Shepard writes for The Huffington Post. ‘We are now witness to that collective outrage surfacing in the mainstream today.’

You can check this out here.

"Michael's Thing" The Old Time NY Gay Magazine With No Heteronormative Spin 

I never saw this magazine, however, it sounds as if it was important to gay culture in the 1970s. The article also mentions the HBO TV show, The Deuce, with James Franco, because the show is set in NY in the 1970s in Times Square. And gay culture was a big part of Times Square back then.

“Michael Giammetta published Michael’s Thing between 1970-2000 as a guide to cultural and social happenings of the GLTB community. It was the one of the main and most reliable sources of information. It also was a handy guide to the most important institutions of the early days of liberation, the gay bar. The covers of Michael’s Thing may have featured pretty boys almost in their all together but inside the focus was theater, dance, cabaret. They were all there, all the early voices of what would become queer culture. Freeman Gunter was an excellent critic. There are careers in the arts still going full force that began thanks to his taking notice of them.

Here's the rest. What I find most interesting is that here's a magazine that was all about gay culture, without any heteronormative spin or opinion. In other words, no straight men or women coming from places of privilege telling us what it's like to be gay...or exploiting us for their personal gain. We seem to be losing more and more of that as each year passes. 

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What Is Chemsex (PNP)? Can You Get Raped At A Chemsex Party? Chemsex Parties; "Chemsex" Documentary NetFlix

What Is Chemsex (PNP)?

I guess I'm kind of hooked on this topic right now. And there's actually a decent amount of information out there about it. I really don't know anything about it. I rarely ever do any drugs, not even prescription. For the past few years it's been called, "an up and coming topic of interest." From what I gather, it's a big part of gay culture these days. Some are even claiming that when they go to these parties and they get wasted on whatever drug it is that they are taking, they've been gang raped.

On Wiki they also refer to Chemsex as PNP or PnP, which means Party and Play.
The term PnP is commonly used by gay men and other men who have sex with men (MSM) in North America, while chemsex is more associated with the gay scene in Britain and continental Europe.
The drug of choice is typically methamphetamine, known as tina or T, but other drugs are also used, such as mephedrone, GHB, and GBL.
There's more here. 

Can You Get Raped At A Chemsex Party?

If you go to a Tupperware party in your new shirt from Saks and your Bonobos pants, and you get raped or gang banged, you have every right to press charges and nail the criminals who did that to you. You've been violated. You've been assaulted. You've been scarred for life. The theme of the party was Tupperware, and all you wanted to do was socialize with other people who were interested in buying Tupperware.

However, if you willingly go to a chemsex party, and you remove all your clothes and take drugs in someone's basement knowing that the theme of this party is sex and drugs, the odds of you having sex are pretty strong. Otherwise why would you even be there? I know I wouldn't go to a chemsex party hoping to find good Tupperware canisters. It's all about sex and drugs. It's a chemsex party and everyone there is thinking about sex and drugs. So this is where the lines of consent come into play. 

This is an interesting article that discusses why men who get raped at chemsex parties avoid reporting it to the police. It's a difficult topic with gray areas, and it's not the same as other sexual assault cases. I'm not saying it's right. There's nothing right about rape. I'm only stating that it's different in this case. 

Research also suggests that chemsex environments are blurring the lines of consent. Morris said: ‘Initially, I recognised that [the gay men appearing in the system] didn’t fit the typical profile of your generic person that commits a sexual offense.

‘It appears they didn’t target or groom their victim. In other words, it was situational: “We were all off our face together” or “someone did this to me last week so I can do this to them now.” There was no thinking or recognition that what they were doing was a sexual offense.’

Here's the rest.  It goes into more detail. Evidently, some of these chemsex parties are streamed online, and viewers request certain sex acts. 

There are comments, too. 

Chemsex Parties
Here's a piece that dates back a few years, but it talks about what really happens at Chemsex parties. 
“This is a very deliberate act,” Bourne explained. “It’s not that you’ve gone out on a Friday night, you’ve taken some drugs, you’ve picked up a guy, you’ve gone home and had sex with him and you happen to still be high... What we’re talking about here is guys deliberately using these drugs to help facilitate sexual contact with another man, and often lots of men within group sex environments.”

Chemsex Documentary NetFlix
Here's a link to IMDb about a documentary titled, Chemsex. I haven't seen it yet, but I will look for it. I guess I have to do a search on NetFlix for this one to show up. 
In hidden basements, bedrooms and bars across London, "Chemsex" is a documentary that exposes frankly and intimately a dark side to modern gay life. Traversing an underworld of intravenous drug use and weekend-long sex parties, "Chemsex" tells the story of several men struggling to make it out of 'the scene' alive - and one health worker who has made it his mission to save them. While society looks the other way, this powerful and unflinching film uncovers a group of men battling with HIV, drug addiction and finding acceptance in a changing world.
You can check that out here.  If you do a simple search you'll come up with a lot of information, including a link to a You Tube trailer. There are a few reviews out there, too, but I'm not linking to them because I think this is such a subjective topic I'd rather not listen to anyone else's review. I'd rather form my own opinions. 

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